EU directive 2004/93/EC

Do most people know that most cosmetics sold in the US are completely untested?

This EU directive bans the use of know carcinogens, mutagens, and substances harmful to reproductive health in cosmetics. It went into force in September 2004. But the United States has nothing similar to that.

Over 1000 substances are banned for use in european cosmetics; in comparison, only two dozen are banned in the U.S.
That means that cosmetics in the US can contain things like lead and phthalates.

I think, knowing what I know now about cosmetics, I would advise all pregnant women to avoid them. And if at all possible, get your cosmetics from Europe, where they actually test them before putting them into use.

There has been a recent bill proposed which would fix some of these problems. Lets hope it's not a victim of the current legislative gridlock.