Back from the Dead!

It's been a while since I posted here. I didn't really mean to let it go this long. Anyway, since I last posted, I have:
  • moved from Pittsburgh to the San Francisco area
    • It's a lot warmer here, folks.
    • There are so many Asian and Indian immigrants out here! Not to mention Hispanics.
    • People love their food.
      • Which is likely to be seafood or vegetarian food
    • You can pay $5 for a gallon of non-organic, plain old milk at Target
  • gotten a new housemate
  • learned a lot about the mobile GPS unit industry, and the map data suppliers for the industry
  • figured out how to use Craigslist.org
    • you can buy a TV
    • or post in the personals section
  • made my first real investment (in a Certificate of Deposit)
  • Enrolled in a freehand drawing class
    • I know how to draw a vase now... mostly
What will the future hold? Well, possibly I will:
  • Endure the coming depression
    • Yahoo is about to disgorge many of its employees
    • Consumer confidence and inflation don't look good.
  • Invest in a mutual fund
    • Overseas investments look good right now; commodities too.
    • Better keep some money market funds around, though...
  • Start exercising more regularly
    • 3x a week
  • Get a new haircut
    • New idea: short hair
  • Download the Internet
    • this one is a "stretch goal"


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