silly expressions that I like

I recently had to explain to someone what "jumped the shark" meant.

For those of you who don't know, when something used to be good, but later became bad, you say that it "jumped the shark." For example, someone might say that Star Trek jumped the shark after [insert your least favorite series here].

Then there's "phoning it in." This is another expression I really like. It means to do a poor job at something because you just don't care. For example, you might say that "the band played pretty well on Thursday, but on Friday I think they were just phoning it in."

When you take a sick day, you usually call up your employer to let him know. I think that's where "phoning it in" came from.

I guess this post is mostly content-free. I blame the weather. It's too nice for me to spend much time on reviewing a difficult technical article. I guess this blog jumped the shark after I started phoning it in, eh?


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